Tuesday, 21 August 2018

the things I love

I love it when I can laugh all day

I love it when you just graze my hand without knowing
I love it when I catch a glimpse of you looking at me
I love it when you say the silliest things
I love it when you say shut up
not because I am wrong
but because you know I am tired and I cannot argue anymore
I love it when you whisper in my ears
even just to say
do you want a takeaway tonight

I think I love everything about you
i think I am in love with you

I love it when a smell reminds me of you
I love it when you hold me because then I know
I am no longer in control
And truly I am yours

I love it when I can still smile and laugh just thinking of you

I love it when the grass has just been cut
i love it when I loook beyond and I see nothing
because out of nothing something can be made
I love it when the first drop of rain hits me
I love it when I curl up in my bed and the rain is hitting hard on the window
I love it when you get me
I love it when I feel akward around you
© ejatutu 2018

Journey to me

© ejatutu 2018
Hello all,

The last time i wrote i was dealing with a medical diagnosis. I have been through death and i am still here. The next chapter of my blog will be to chronicle life with a medical condition and reaching a milestone in age, being single at age 40, overcoming introversion and embracing technology for its possibilities; living alone after a long time, setting up businesses.

Please Join me in this journey that is life and especially "the journey to me". This will be a revelatiin for me.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hello blogsville!!!!!!!!!!

It has been too long, hope everyone is keeping well.
I think writting is good for the soul not just talking
It has been a very eventful year to say the least
As I am sure many people have their ups and downs

One of the things that has happened to me is feeling more confident
with who I am becoming and having no qualms about my flaws
I am seeing people in colours not black and white thus I am a bit more accepting
And in turn makes me accept my own weaknesses

What I am trying to say is no one is perfect and I certainly am not

The other interesting thing is I am being chased by 3 different guys
that all seemed to be infatuated with me
I asked for one, 3 came................will definetely need prayers
in making the right decisions about this

However the biggest for me in the last year was a medical diagnosis I am still fighting to date
You see it is good to write................................ will do my best in keeping you all up to date

© ejatutu 2009